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Tribal CPH is  an annual intensive summer training programme for
 ATS®, Tribal Fusion + Gypsy Fusion with
Dud Muurmand and Lisa Bugel


Welcome to this 8th year of intensive summer training
 in Tribal Style Bellydance in Copenhagen.

It is with great pleasure we present you with the 2018 program, where we have given much
consideration into giving you 4 days of total dance bliss with both room to the essential
social connection between you dancers as well as possibility of challenging
your dance-self in moving forward in your
skills, technique and art making.

 Each training day will have a flow thru all classes
 - and the flow will continue between the days. 

Besides training, we will also have social dancing and fun:
Hafla night on Friday evening
a jam session Saturday
and a closing party on Sunday.

We look much forward to welcoming you back in Copenhagen in July 2018 !   
☺ Dud & Lisa

Photos from Tribal CPH intensives at Soulhouse studio
VENUES 2018:
Workshops for 2018 will take place at these 2 studios, the main one will be Soulhouse:

Hørsholmsgade 20, 4.sal
DK-2200 Copenhagen N

Hørsholmsgade 20, 1.sal
DK-2200 Copenhagen N

Both studios are in the same building, so you can walk up/down easily between ws.

Tribal CPH is organized by Dud Muurmand and  Tribaldance Denmark in colaboration

all contact regarding this event to:

Dud Muurmand
email "dudmuurmand@gmail.com"

Dud Muurmand (Main teacher)

Dud has been a dancer and teacher for over 20 years, Copenhagen is the home base, but she travels regularly to other parts of Denmark as well as Sweden, Norway, UK and Germany to teach workshops.

Certified ATS®-teacher since 2010 (Los Angeles,US)

Artistic director of Tribe of Gaia

Chair-woman of Tribaldance Denmark, organizer of different events like Dark CPH, Tribal Cafe Copenhagen plus of course Tribal CPH
Lisa Bügel (Assistant teacher)

Lisa teaches ATS® on regular basis in Copenhagen.

Certified ATS®-teacher since 2012 (Gothenburg)

Dance member of Tribe of Gaia

Board member of Tribaldance Denmark


Workshop schedule:
overview of the four days intensive

  Level of dance required to follow the teaching at the summer intensive is:

4 days package A = advanced level + upcoming intermediates
you need to know moves / formations of ATS level 2 as a minimum
and also general dance experience 2+ years of ATS / Fusion / Gypsy Fusion

3 days package B = continued beginners + intermediates
we recommend 1 year of dance experience in either ATS/Fusion/Gypsy Fusion


We look forward to meeting you all at TRIBAL CPH 2018

All classes are taught by Dud with Lisa assisting
except morning technique classes
where you can choose between 2 options:
the advanced taught by Dud, and the alternative/open by Lisa


14.15 Welcome / Soulhouse
We kindly ask all participants of package A to be present for the welcome.

14.30-15.25 /Soulhouse        
We start off these intensive training days with a thorough warm-up and conditioning before we step into technique and drills

15.30-17.00 /Soulhouse        
TECHNIQUE LAB:  (intermed + advanced)
Technique and drills for ATS(r) and Tribal Fusion

17.30-18.50 /Soulhouse    
CHOREOGRAPHY  I / (intermed + advanced)
Dud will present a unique choreography for Tribal CPH 2018, the styling will be Tribal Fusion – and in this first class we will go through technique and combos used in the dance. This choreography will also be performed by the class on Sunday’s closing party (optional choise) and technical elements from this choreography will also serve as inspiration for more of our training work this weekend.

This choreography will be worked with in 4 classes over all 4 day.

The music title for this choreography will be informed to registered participants 2-3 weeks before Tribal CPH, so you have time to listen to the music beforehand.

19.00-19.30 / Soulhouse
ZILS  (open level)
This day we will end our practise with a drill session on playing zils
Different arabic rhytms will be introduced for the dancers musical perception – and we will also do small ATS-improvisations together.

19.30-19.45 / Soulhouse    
MENTOR / self study
This first day Dud & Lisa will introduce to you how you may use this mentor-time during the intensive days – for instance: you can  to go through your notes, practise that combo again or ask teachers questions from the days training, or get some input on what to focus on for yourself in the training programs we offer at Tribal CPH

FRIDAY July 20

 9.50 Welcome / Soulhouse
We kindly ask all participants of package A+B to be present for the welcome.

10.00-10.20 / Soulhouse
Yoga-inspired warm-up

10.30-12.00 / Soulhouse / Dud Muurmand
CHOREOGRAPHY  II  / (intermed + advanced)
Second class of choreography, we will continue working deeper into the structure and combos, refining and also looking at the expressional side.

This class is only open to participants from Package A  – you need to have the first class on Thursday to be able to follow. If you are participating from Package B, you may participate in the alternative class (look below)

ALTERNATIVE class  10.30-12.00/ Hotstepper/ Lisa Bugel:
SHIMMY technique (open level)

A  technique class with focus on shimmies of different kinds . In this class Lisa will also bring a few selected combos that is taken out of the choreography class repertoire, so you will get a taste of what the choreo-class is doing as well ☺  

12.00-13.00  Lunch

13.00-13.30 / Soulhouse
MENTOR / Self study
The studio is all yours to go through notes, practise or ask questions
(Dud & Lisa will be available)

13.30-14.15 / Soulhouse
ZILS  (open level)
Zils & rhythms, d
rills and more drills

14.30-16.30 / Soulhouse
CREATIVE LAB: ”DRAMA fusion & expressional dance”
In this ”Creative Lab”  we will inspire you to explore the artistic and creative possibilities  of the dramatic and expressional dance put together with Tribal Fusion style. We will work both in solo and group process drills.

Coffee-break lecture will be on the topic ”expressing yourself - training your "dragontail" ”

(16.30-18.30 .. .preparations for Hafla)

FRIDAY, July 20, 2018
TIME: 18.30- 20.30

TRIBAL HAFLA - gathering,  open stage & bazar
Venue: Soulhouse Studio, Hørholsmgade 20, 4.th floor

A festive but also relaxed gathering with lots of tribal dancing, performances by workshop participants (and of course also by the teachers) + bazar shopping. The perfect place to meet & greet, guests from outside is also welcome.

kids under 15 + Tribaldance.DK members  FREE

(entrance is included in all Package A-B, and you can even bring up to 2 guests for free)


(You can sign up for a performance spot as the same time you send in your registration to Tribal CPH. We will also send out a reminder to all participants with the general info in late June. All performance spots will be SOLO+DUETS: 4 minutes, GROUP: 5 minutes.  For groups: all participating group dancers must be registered particpants of Tribal CPH)


10.30-10.50 / Soulhouse

11.00-12.30 / Soulhouse / Dud Muurmand
TECHNIQUE LAB :  Gypsy Fusion  -intermediate-adv)
Spins, skirt work, hands/arms and music you cannot sit still to.

ALTERNATIVE class 11.00-12.30 / Hotstepper / Lisa Bugel
Technique: ATS® level 1-3 ( open level)
Moves, cues and formations of American Tribal Style® – level will be ”open” meaning the level will be determined from the partipants in the class. Bring zils!

12.30-13.30  Lunch

13.30-14.00 / Soulhouse
MENTOR / self study
The studio is all yours …. Dud & Lisa is available

14.00-16.00 / Soulhouse
CREATIVE LAB: ”Music and dance composition”
This Lab will be all about musicality in dance, how to use your music creatively working either with ATS or with Tribal Fusion.

Drill groups will be formed based on ATS-level with participants.
Solo drills will be based on tribal fusion style

The coffee-break will be a theoretical lecture on the subject of ”MUSIC”

16.15-17.30 / Soulhouse / Dud Muurmand
CHOREOGRAPHY  III – performance preparations
This  3rd choreography class will be polishing up our dance piece and adding group formations. (package A)

ALTERNATIVE class 16.15-17.30 / Hotstepper / Lisa Bugel
ZILS + Q  & A - technique
Lisa will teach this class based on your questions on technique and combos.
Bring Zils!

18.15-18.45 / Soulhouse
ATS® Jam

Put on your skirts and zils and lets do one of our energizing and fun jams together to end this training day

(optional afterwards – joint dinner in town)

SUNDAY July 22

10.00-10.20 / Soulhouse

10.30-12.00 / Soulhouse / Dud Muurmand
CHOREOGRAPHY IV: ”Performance ready"  / (Package A)
Choreography round up, adding drama and expression, making it more stage ready.
This class is both technique, repetions – and personal feedback on where to work in deeper

ALTERNATIVE class 10.30-12.00 / Hotstepper/ Lisa Bugel
Technique: Spins & Turns (open level)
Lisa will guide you thru the most common spins and turns - fast & slow - from ATS + Tribal Fusion
 … technique and drills!

12.00-13.00  Lunch

13.00-14.45 / Soulhouse
We did this last year -and it was so much fun, we simply have to try it again - so for Tribal CPH 2018, we will invite you work intensively for 90 minutes on  a fast forward, intensive and refreshing ATS®-inspired group choreography – all levels can be in!

Dud & Lisa will beforehand have created a choreography project, meaning a formation /movement structure based on the ATS® building blocks – easy and simple, but so much fun when the project comes to life within one class.

We will split class into 2 project groups, doing the same project – but then we can perform for each other in the closing party

14.45-15.15 / Soulhouse
This last gathering we will have the 2 project groups perform  - and the choreography group will also show the final version of their intensive work from 4 days.

.. and then it is time to say goodbye and see you in 2019!


PACKAGE  A   (max 20 spaces)
(all 4 days, incl hafla)
Price: DKK 1.600
LEVEL requirements:
min 2 years of tribal/gypsy + min level 2 ATS

PACKAGE  B  (approx 10 spaces)
(3 days, Friday-Sunday incl hafla)
Price: DKK 1.400
LEVEL requirements:
min 1 year of tribal or gypsy

DAY-PASSES (only if available after June 22)

THURSDAY-pass / Price: DKK 500

-pass / Price: DKK 600
SATURDAY-pass / Price: DKK 650

SUNDAY-pass   / Price: DKK 500

PLEASE note:

We open up for Package-registrations first,

- Package A-B from February 15
- Day passes from June 22 (if spaces)

We have a total of 30 spaces available, split between Package A and B, however we only take in 20 people on package A to give some extra time for attention on the individual students in Thursday classes and also leave some space for package B participants.

Also "Day-passes" are not really a reality - for several years, we have been sold out on packages leaving no room for day-pass participants.

Payment deadlines:
Upon registration for packages, please pay deposit of DKK 200 before March 1, 2018

Remaining amount to be paid BEFORE June 1

For day passes, payment is due latest 3 days after registration.



Registration of workshop spaces will be done on a first-come-first-served basis,
- by email to dudmuurmand@gmail.com
- payment of deposit within 3 days.

For all Danish payments please transfer to the bank account specified

For foreign payments, please ask for Paypal invoice - fee apply.

Please note,  all registrations are fully binding
after June 1

You may only cancel with a valid doctors certificate until June 1, all cancellations will be debited DKK 200 not counting paypal fees. After June 1, 2017 no cancellations are possible.



Account: 6610-0004843418

Account holder: Dud Muurmand

Please state clearly your name and what you are paying for "Tribalcph18-packA ... or B)



Check - list /what to pack:

- zils
- skirt (double circle cut and/or  a 25 yard ATS skirt)

(please note - the above items can be borrowed to some extent, please notify us at registration)

also useful to have with you:

- dance pants
- soft ballet shoes/dance shoes without heels
- notebook + pen
- a costume if you want to perform

Workshop descriptions