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Tribaldance Denmark proudly presents:


April 6-8, 2018   COPENHAGEN

Dark Weekend is an intimate and intensive weekend with focus on dark fusion dance with all  the drama, the experiments, the collaborations, the get-togethers you could wish for -

Once again we are going to occupy WAREHOUSE 9 - the perfect place for such dark matters as the Twilight Cafe .. and of course the DARK CABARET show with surprises beyond this world ... but what would DARK CPH be without some inspiring dark fusion workshops to rock the bottom of your dance shoes out?

We believe we found just the right teacher to do that:

TRIBALDANCE DENMARK is proudly welcoming
 in Copenhagen for the first time!


Ida Mahin put her first pair of ballet shoes on when she was 6 years old. Since then life without dance has been unthinkable in her sight. Preferring to thing out of the box, she continues to study diverse genres. Aesthetic and historica-cultural consideration of dances from diverses world regions brings fusions to light that see dance as a nonverbal language.

Ida's choreographies' artistic focus lies in the awakening of characters, storytelling and the mediation of truthful emotions. Both solo and with her dance companies, she brings cyber medusas, Asian warriors, undead swans and sometimes even singing foxes to life on stage. In addition, she has also contributed to the US DVD-production "Visions - a Nigh of Dark & Theatrical Belly Dance"

In her workshops Ida devotes significant attention to imparting background knowledge far off clichès. She seeks to reveal and enhance the individual skills of every single dancer.

INFO: www.ida-mahin.de

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/IdaMahin

Also, Ida is bringing her husband and partner-in-crime Maxx!
This is giving us a very special opportunity to offer you one of their colaborative workshops "Silent Movie"

Photo: Christina Bulka


The second teacher of Dark CPH 2018 will be Dud Muurmand, the chairwoman of Tribaldance Denmark AND the organizer of this dramatic weekend.

The theater is in her blood, her dance style is in the shadows .. Dark CPH is her lovechild ...

Dud is a dancer and teacher versatile in many styles and expressions, but the dramatics is always presents.
She teaches on weekly basis in Copenhagen in gypsy fusion styles, tribal fusion, ATS®, cabaret / jazz fusion - as well as drama/expressions for dancers, back-to-the-roots dance technique and coaching series of "How to train your Dragon(tail"

Dud is travelling Scandinavia and northern Europe teaching workshops, she has also been performing and teaching in the US at the dark event Lumen Obscura.

More info: www.dudmuurmand.dk

Photo: Nils Djervad

WORKSHOP registration:

REGISTRATION OPENS ON FEBRUARY 2, 2018 as from 19.00 pm by email.

All registrations will be first-come-first-serve.

FIRST send email to dudmuurmand@gmail.com, wait for confirmation, then promptly make bank transfer. Payment must be received within 2 days of email registration otherwise registration is cancelled.
Paypal payment is also possible, a small fee will apply.

Please note, that all registrations is binding.
You may only cancel with a valid doctors certificate until March 2, 2018, all cancellations will be debited DKK 200. After March 2, no cancellations with refunds are possible. You may sell your space to someone else, please advise us of new name - or ask us if there is a waiting list.

Tribaldance Denmark will administer a waiting list in case of sold out workshops.

SCHEDULE - ws & shows

FRIDAY April 6, 2018

WS- A: "How Dark Can You Go?"

TEACHER: Dud Muurmand

VENUE: Warehouse9 - stage room

Time: 17.00-18.30 (1,5 hour ws)

Level: OPEN


Price: DKK  250  (+ paypal fee dkk 15)

ABOUT the ws:

Welcome to the dark side!
... and just what do we actually mean by that?  What is really going on on the dark side?

First of all ... a lot of fun .. is what is going on :)

"Dark" in our terminology means dramatic, alternative , expressional and experimental, in short:  to explore !

So for this workshop, we will explore how drama can be integrated into movement with a special focus on the small stage with short distance to the audience.

.. and oh! this workshop should be a great icebreaker for meeting the other DarkCPH-particpants :)

NB the stage room / floor is not as such a dance studio, bring clothes and shoes you can move around in without getting cold


 dark fusion open stage, lounging, bar & bazar
Time: 20.00-22.30
Ticket price at door: 60 DKK
Pre-sale: 40 DKK

Warehouse9-lounge bar
Halmtorvet 11c, 1711 Copenhagen
the old meat-packing district just behind CPH central station

PRE-SALE will open February 16, 2018

(Performers (solo + duets only = small stage) may apply for a stage slot after booking workshops.



TEACHER: Ida Mahin

VENUE: Soulhouse Studio
ADRESS: Hørsholmsgade 20, 4th floor, 2200 Cph N

Time: 10.30-12.30 (2 hour ws)

Level: OPEN


Price: DKK 350  (+ paypal fee dkk 20)

ABOUT the ws:

Untamed rhythms, infinite power, voices from the underworld and subtle nuances – metal belly dance does not end with vibrating shimmies!

We will fuse surprising elements to create combinations that not only allow variety in your regular drills but may also enrich your very own stage creations.

Feel the massive music, explore inspiring ways to control your body and express yourself!



Dont miss this special event with:
DARK FUSION dance show and a special performance project

Time: 20.00-23.00  (show start 20.30)
Ticket price at door: 100 DKK
Pre-sale: 75 DKK

Warehouse9 - stage room
Halmtorvet 11c, 1711 Copenhagen
the old meat-packing district just behind CPH central station

PRE-SALE will open February 16, 2018

performers (solo+groups) may apply for stage slot after booking workshops.

SUNDAY April 8, 2018



VENUE: Soulhouse Studio
ADRESS: Hørsholmsgade 20, 4th floor, 2200 Cph N

Time 10.00-12.00 (2 hour ws)



Price: DKK   350  (+ paypal fee dkk 20)

ABOUT the ws:

In the depths of the Asian underground lies the Temple of Doom. There, you will transform  into a fascinating creature of the otherworld.

Ida will introduce you to sophisticated hand
gestures and suspense-packed poses of classical Indian dance forms. New dynamics as well as non-verbal ways of communication with the audience will be revealed.

In addition to
cultural and historical background knowledge, you will be provided with ideas to integrate the implemented movement patterns in your personal dance style.

Finally, we will create a
combination full of strength, flow and grace.

SUNDAY April 8, 2018



VENUE: Soulhouse Studio
ADRESS: Hørsholmsgade 20, 4th floor, 2200 Cph N

Time 12.30-14.30 (2 hour ws)

Level: OPEN


Price: DKK   350  (+ paypal fee dkk 20)

ABOUT the ws:

In the pioneering days of the silver screen an actor's performance had a lot in common with a dancer's performance.

When the great dancer Vaslav Nijinsky visited Charlie Chaplin on a
film set in 1916, he stated: "Your comedy is balletique. You are a dancer"
Almost wordless yet always interpreting music, silent movies created audiovisual narratives and iconic, multi-dimensional characters that still evoke strong feelings. Which methods may
we borrow in order to inspire our very own creative proces?

How do we benefit from the fact
that, like most of the movie pioneers, we are dramaturge, director and make-up artist at the
same time? How can we transfer early cinematographic techniques to the stage?

How do we
create context without spoken word or even intertitles? Come to the monochrome metropolis
and find out!
This workshop is taught by Ida and her partner in crime Maxx who, being a media scientist, contributes profound expertise.

WEEKEND-workshop package 

Take all 4 workshops during the weekend and save!

Discounted price:
DKK   1100
 (+ paypal fee dkk 50)


PLEASE note:

This package is only availabe as long as there are spaces in all 4 workshops.

This workshop package does not include the entrance tickets to Twilight Show and Dark Cabaret.
Tickets have to be purchased separately.


Registration of workshop spaces will be done on a first-come-first-served basis effective with payment only.

- To register, please  send an email to dudmuurmand@gmail.com with your NAME, EMAIL, COUNTRY and WHAT WS you want to register for
- wait for confirmation from us.

Your bank payment must be effected immediately upon receiving our confirmation (within 2 days) and your space is only fully confirmed with received payment.

TO OUR GUESTS from ABROAD: upon registration, please ask for a paypal invoice -  the paypal-option will a be much cheaper than bank transfers in fees. You dont need a paypal-account to pay - just a creditcard.

If you do choose to pay by bank from abroad you need to add DKK 50 to your amount as DK-banks are now charging us for receiving money from outside DK.
You will also have to pay the local bank fees yourself - so consider the Paypal-option :)

Please note, that all registrations is binding.
You may only cancel with a valid doctors certificate before March 16, 2018, all cancellations will be debited DKK 200.

After March, 16, 2018 no cancellations with refunds are possible. You may sell or pass on your workshop space, but please notify us of the new participant name.


Account: 6610-0002263341

Account holder: Tribaldance.dk

Please state clearly your name and what you are paying for
(for example "Dark18-wsC" or Dark18-wspack")


For transfers from abroad:

IBAN:  DK1066100002263341

(+ DKK 50 added to your amount)


PERFORMER INFO / Twilight Cafe + Dark Cabaret 2018

"Twilight Cafe" is held in the lounge bar, the room is very intimate with a small bar and small stage-spot either in the middle of the room or in one corner. Here you will get the utmost "cabaret" atmosphere, performing eye-to-eye with your audience. Lighting is basic, no changing lights possible.

The stage is not big enough for group work, so we suggest this stage to only solo and duet acts.

TIME SCHEDULE: April 6, 2018
Get-in performers 18.30  (changing rooms are in the big stage room, you have to go outside between the rooms, this is old warehouses)

18.30-20.00 performers can check the room, talk to DJ

Doors open 20.00
Show time approx 20.15-22.00

Clear out 22.30

"Dark Cabaret" is held in the stage room, The room is still intimate but with more space for audience and a small lifted stage size 3x4.

Stage light is a bit more upgraded, so we can work with different settings. Dark Cabaret is programmed with 2 acts -

Act 1 will be open for performance application from solo and groups.

 Act 2 will be the special performance project fascilitated by Tribaldance Denmark. Participants are invited dancers, which includes our featured guest teacher of course :)

TIME SCHEDULE April 7, 2018:
13.00-15.00 get-in PROJECT performers only
15.00-17.00 Rehearsals PROJECT performers only

16.00-17.00 Get-in Dark Cabaret performers
(changing rooms are the lounge bar)

17.00-18.30 short tech rehearsal all performers

18.30-19.45 performers may rehearse in stage room with earphones

20.00 Doors open
20.30 show start
22.30 show ends

clear out 23.30

To apply for a stage spot, here is what to observe:

- dance acts must have a clear "dark" and/or theatrical  theme or style - the more dark, experimental and dramatic the better. Tell us a little story of your performance, or what your idea is (2-3 lines)

- lenght max 4.00 min
- music must be send to Dud Muurmand latest MARCH 19 in either WAV or high level MP3 (no other formats accepted)

- please only apply AFTER you have booked workshops - we think very much of Dark Weekend as a community thing and the event will only run from supporting participants. If you are a group, we appreciate very much that all group members participate in workshop(s) as well.

- We welcome all levels of dance, however we might ask for a video in case we are not familiar with your work.

- You may apply for 1 or both shows, however Tribaldance Denmark will hold the right to place acts in the which ever show we find it is best suited. Also we cannot guarantee space, even if you are in workshops, but we try very hard to fit everyone in.

send email with your info to Dud Muurmand:


Deadline: March 1, 2018

You will be notified shortly after about your stage spot.